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We are keepers of our own history. With the proliferation of cheap digtial music we now have more and more music than ever before. It makes keeping track of current alternative music harder to do than ever before. With so much music now its harder also to recognise what has come before.

I like thinking of the internet as the worlds largest library. I also like to think that some of the songs that I have listened to over the years never got the credit they deserved then, and as time passes, are losing any form of permanent record.

This section of indevelopment.org is devoted to keeping memories alive of songs that, through accident or luck, I managed to stumble accross when I was forming my true music tastes. These are some songs that I would never want forgotten.

All bar the Peachfuzz come from vinyl. My turntable plays a little fast and you will hear the odd crackle, but that does suit the spirit of 7" vinyl.

Something about peachfuzz

... Peachfuzz won us both over through the bands clever marketing tactic: the envelope was a gardening glove and accompanying the tape was a matchbox (toy) car. The band was booked, probably without us even listening to the tape ...

UPDATED 04/03/02

Ripe: Spacesuit 4 2

... I'm dirt poor and in the throws of selling some of my vinyl to buy smokes and food and I find the single sitting in the new vinyl section. Being the poor bastard that I was, I thought I'd be able to pick it up next time I was in, hopefully with cash once again. By the time that period arrived, I was pro-cash but sans-single ...


Sacred Cowboys: Trouble from Providence

... this was another song I got to know better off the 3rrr promo-cart than hearing the track itself. But when seeing this single at Collectors Corner ($1.99 bargain) in 1989-90, I had to grab it ...


Gatekeepers: Indoors

... my friend was given this single when he was buying up a stack of Sisters of Mercy EPs from Missing Link records in Melbourne. It was passed onto me becuase with its brooding bassline, Julian thought that it might go well in with my Joy Division collection ...



Mr Floppy: 100,000 Morrisseys

... it was already well known as a cult record. Before now I had only ever seen it the yellow sleeve (using the flier design as cover). This day at Missing Link was the first time I'd seen the "flesh coloured vinyl" variant, so I snapped it up ...


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