Oz Rock Forgotten: 100,000 Morrisseys  

In the 80s, it was a question that really did need to be asked. I mean, what would we do if 100,000 Morrisseys came marching over the hill?

Single Info

100,000 Morrisseys (The Windy Hill Mix)
backed with Big Death (The Coldsore Mix)

Tim Aylward - Guitars
Michael "The Likeable" Kuarroll - Guitars
Paul Johnson - Bass, Vocals
Bonecrusher - Drums, Vocals

Engineered by: Jenny Oldershaw and Dylans's Dad
Mixed by Mr. Floppy
Original artwork: Matt Cotter


100,000 morrisseys - the flier
The flier


meat is good - the flesh coloured vinylHaving discovered alternative music in the 1980s I'd always check the record stores when I went into Melbourne. Depending on my route, I'd tackle Missing Link, Au Go Go, Collectors Corner and Gaslight during the trip. The first pass of each store was to see what was in stock, over lunch I'd work out what was coming home with me and then go get it.

Unless I'd headed in on a specific purchasing mission, everything was fair game.

And that is how I can across this particular release of 100,000 Morrisseys.

I had seen the single before. Due to its subject matter, it was already well known as a cult record. Before now I had only ever seen it the yellow sleeve (using the flier design as cover). This day at Missing Link was the first time I'd seen the "flesh coloured vinyl" variant, so I snapped it up.

Like most novelty purchases, this was bought simply for the a-side. Thinking about what I've just written, most 7" singles were only bought for the A-side. I can't remember if the flip side () has been played in full or not.

I consider this track a forgotten Oz Rock classic because it never really got fully recognised for the pisstake that it is. Lyrically strong, (Johnny had it coming to him / it was such a great shame / watching all that talent / gurgle down the drain) and released around the time that Morrissey had gone solo from the Smiths, "100,000 Morrisseys" castrates Brit-pop in 4 minutes flat.



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