Oz Rock Forgotten: The Gatekeepers - Indoors EP  


The Gatekeepers: Indoors

I don't know a thing about the origins of this song except how I came across it.

Having a fondness for 80s Brit-goth, my friend Julian was given this single when he was buying up a stack of Sisters of Mercy EPs from Missing Link records in Melbourne.

It was passed onto me becuase with its brooding bassline, Julian thought that it might go well in with my Joy Division collection. So it ended up with me.

When playing the title track, there is what I thought was a scratch towards the end. I ended up buying a second copy of the EP (only 50c by now) only to discover the sratch must have been a pressing fault.

Of the three tracks, Indoors is the highlight. It rocks in a mellow, introverted way with bass so chunky, you could carve it. Ogre is a funny track and I'll add it once I get a good master of it. It's more a "dungeons and dragons" track compared to "Indoors".

There is no band information bar a PO Box on the sleeve and given the EP is over 12 years old, I don't imagine there is will be much luck in finding any imformation.


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