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Peachfuzz n.: Pub band; Melbourne, Australia 1992-1996

Lineup (Top to Bottom)

Stefan Schutt - guitars, vocals
Cameron Potts - drums, occasional vocals
Steve Hyde - bass, vocals

There doesn't seem to be much on the internet about Peachfuzz, so I made it a mission to add a page with the info that I had at my disposal. This page concerns that band Peachfuzz, hailing from in and around Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia.

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Recent News: 17/05/02

Having wanted to get the new info up bu now, I'm admitting that plans have become a little way-layed. Bear in mind that work is progressing on the new pages (see The Workroom) and that work should be finsihed for the 2nd birthday update (Mid-June 2002).


Between the last update and now I've managed to catch up with Stefan and now have enough memorbila to scan in so the Peachfuzz pages can move to the next stage. I can't promise that it will be complete but I'm hoping to spin off a new Peachfuzz page in May. It's tough at this stage to just incrementally update this page, so the next page will be an authorised retrospective.


Stefan is starting work on the band Schmozzle. Currently celebrating fatherhood.

Steve is playing double-bass with The Original Snakeskins; country and western looking to record originals.

Cameron is playing in the band 99 and will be touring New Zealand and the US in the coming months.

The page has reached a point of temporary stasis. I'm currently in the process of finding the history of the band. Both Stefan and Cameron have items and memories to share, Steve thinks they will bothi give a far less beer-tainted account. All three of the Peachfuzz lads have been really supportive of the page, which will make for some great primary material.

I'm hoping that by the time the page makes the search-engines I'll have far more to report.

Stay tuned,


Incomplete Discography

who loves you
true believers
beautiful fire
intense and depressed

Recorded at Whirled Studios, Feb 1994.
Engineered by craig mcarthur.

Cover credit: Cameron Potts.

hurt you
dancing on my grave
oh friend
dallas (wondercat)

Tracks 1-4 recorded at Stupid Studios by Simon Grounds between July and September, 1992.
Tracks 5-8 recorded live at the Empress Hotel by Captain Dave Nelson, December 1992.

Cover credit: Cameron Potts.

John Edwards (Drums, V8 [tracks 5-8])

our glory
my camera my vote
copper arse king
all fall down
doctor death
old loo
having a fight with somebody
the wrong shirt
feeling blue
down to the ground
black sheep
10, 24, 10

Recorded by Simon Grounds at stupid studios.
Drums recorded by Nick Carroll at Mingle Sound Lodge.

"The wrong shirt" 4 track recording by Steve Hyde.

Cover credit: Cameron Potts.
Booklet & CD design: Stefan Schutt

How I found Peachfuzz: A personal recount

This project began wjem I was scouring the net for cover art to go with the wholescale ripping that I'd been doing of my cd collection and discovered that there is not a great deal out there about this band.

Peachfuzz were a band from Melbourne, Australia playing a style of fast guitar rock - indie style rather than full-on bogan style.

I first came across them when I was doing my time with the student union (where I'd be working on egostrange). I shared my office with Glenn the activities officer, the person responsible for booking bands. Part of his job was to recieve demo tapes of bands that wanted to play on-campus gigs, and of the demo tapes he got, not all that many got played.

The tape Glenn got from Peachfuzz won us both over through the bands clever marketing tactic: the envelope was a gardening glove and accompanying the tape was a matchbox (toy) car. The band was booked, probably without us even listening to the tape.

For the 20 or so people that sat in "The Airport Lounge", Peachfuzz put on one hell of a gig. The stage props were plastic stands (the sort you'd find with a flashing light upon them at roadworks) and baracade tape. From memory they were asked to turn the amps down. The highlight: final song "Dallas", a song that really stuck: as well as the image of the band trasing the plastic.

By the time 1994 turned to 1995, Helen Brydon was the new activities officer, with myself still as publications officer. Helen and I shared an office and I'd often get to offer input on who would be booked. Once again Peachfuzz rocked Rusden, probably to the same 20 or so Airport Lounge band regulars from the year before.

By the end of 95 I'd caught them at the St Kilda Bowling Club (for a semi-accoustic show) and again at the Empress hotel. Had tried to get them booked at Rusden again for my birthday (which fell on band-day, Monday), but Helen wouldn't let me get the same band twice in a year.

The three cds I picked up that year (perhaps E-coli in 1996). It seemed like Peachfuzz may move up one tier to become the semi-professional band.

What happened between 1996 and 2002?


Audio, Cover Art © Peachfuzz 2002, 2008
Author: Grant McDonald

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