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Been working on some new pages based on the Alan Moore penned "1963" comic series. It's an area that I originally wanted to cover in minor detail, however the more I'm getting back into the series the more I want to delve deeper. Thus begins the first chapter of the on-going review of 1963.


They're colourful, they're interesting and you can't get away with them now.

Being the lucky bastard that I am, I have been fortunate to have been given a fair number of "silver-age" comics from the 1960s that are true momentos of a time gone but not forgotten.

Mostly, mention advertising to me and I'll give you a lecture about how it is the fundimental root of all evil. Mention the charm and wit of comic advertising (especially from the 1960s) and I'll sit you down and discuss the finer points.

With that half intro out of the way, welcome to classic comic ads. I've got more coming in future weeks and months, so don't think you've seen the last of these.




April Fools Day

1963: A comic book satire about the rise of the marvel comics empire.

Beginning a series of articles on this influential comic series from Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, Rick Veitch abd friends. Includes the parodies:
Now... fear no man! Don't be bullied!
Monster sized commies
Swipe any drawing
Test your patriotism
US Government surplus - direct by mail
Live tasty seahorses
Shamed by you English?
Own a nuclear sub
Must I lose my mind?

30/03/02 Now... Fear no man
23/02/02 I'll make you a master of Karate
  Free! muscle course that can add 3 inches to your arms fast!
22/03/02 Amazing illusonry "X-Ray" vision instantly
  If you need extra money and you know just 10 people
17/03/02 US Government Surplus - Direct by mail
  Shamed by your english?
  Live pet seahorses - 90c
03/03/02 Baseball fans are crazy
  Monster size monsters
Missile firing tank - only $6.98
  Pete Duncan - DROPOUT
  Intelsat III Satellite
  Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention: We're only in it for the money
Author: Grant McDonald

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