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Here's a great way to bug the shit out of everybody who knows you - try and flog product to them. Abuse your friendships in order to make trifling commissions or worse, try and pyramid your friends into selling your product to their friends and make money off of them.

Now I've got that out of my system, lets have a look at this ad. If you're not on the page with the large picture switch there now and read it before rejoining me.

Wasn't that worthwhile? You probably do know 20 people so what are you waiting for?

The same schemes are still in place now and have even adapted to new technologies like e-mail and web-browsing. Send no money, earn big dollars and do it all from the comfort of your own home. The only catch is to get in early; "be the first in your neighbourhood to cash in on this easy way to extra money..." and bug people that hardly know you, like "the butcher, the baker, the milkman, the grocer..." and sell, baby, sell. Not only will you be making money on the people that used to be your friends, you can also be a real tightarse when it comes to gifts to the people you care about because "you'll save money on your own Christmas Cards, Gifts, etc.".

You can have your cake and eat it too, except that no-one will be left to share it with you.

Author: Grant McDonald www.indevelopment.org

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