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Life Magazine says "...bare-fisted violence". I'd love to know what the context of that comment was, whether it was "bare-fisted-violence will be the eventual downfall of our society" or "bare-fisted violence is this year's new grey". Either way, where else could you get a life sized practice dummy in 1967 US of A. In fact, I'd love to know where I can get one of these on 2002 Australia.

The ad has a lot of copy that doesn't quite scan up at this resolution, but the eventual catch goes like this:
" Costs only 99c
You owe it to your own peace of mind - to your loved ones - to be able to defend yourself in these days when attack may come at anytime from hoodlums, criminals and "wise guys". So mail coupon below NOW for my complete Instruction on KARATE- for the amazingly low price of 99c plus 26c for postage and handling. If you and your friends don't say KARATE has made a new man out of you, every cent will be refunded! PS: if you order now - I'll include without extra charge your personal Membership Card in the American Karate Federation."

So who is your instructor? None other than Wallace W. Reumann.
"Author of "SUPER KARATE" and world famous authority on KARATE is the ONLY instructor in the Northeast US recognised by the International Karate Federation in Tokyo. Spending 3 years eith the military Police in Japan, Reumann learned the ancient Oriental practice of KARATE thoroughly. In 1959 he was awarded the coveted 4th Degree Black Belt. He now operates 2 KARATE Schools on the U.S." Reumann was not a fraud. A quick search of the net can find a host of information on the man and he appears truly influential in the promotion of martial arts in western culture. What better audience than comic geeks, I ask you, for this ad?

Author: Grant McDonald www.indevelopment.org

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