Baseball Fans Are Crazy - Classic Comic Book Ads  

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I didn't need proof that baseball fans are crazy but thankfully this advert truly spells this out for the rest of the world.

By the looks of it, "this true to life" game is statistical in nature and probably a one player game. A marketed version of games that have existed for decades and toughies to make multi player. "Hey, wanna come over and play a baseball game dealing with statistics and probablility" is a lot less appealing than "I've got a bat and ball, wanna whack something?".

The best thing of all about this advert is that you cannot buy the product, only mail in for their catalogue. If I were paranoid, i'd say that maybe it was the government trying amass a database of kids that thought too much. Good thing I'm not.

In Australia and England, it'd be a cricket game. A classic. And as L.S. from Boston, Mass. attests, "the most exciting and fun game ever".


Author: Grant McDonald

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