issue 8 -oct 1994/feb 1995

Once upon a time, I had a dream, that over the year slowly but surely came true. That dream was to deliver nine issues of the campus magazine, all by their scheduled deadlines; a feat that had never been done before at Rusden. Following the completion of that dream, I was to finish on a high note, and then spend 1995 simply watching from the sidelines.

Well, that plan changed. I decided that I would miss EgoStrange too much, so I made my intentions out to everyone that I would be running again. Well, I'm here again for next year.

Over the next couple of weeks, planning for Ego1995 will begin. If you have any ideas, drop in and tell me. I'm looking forward to 1995, and all of the challenges that it will bring, so EgoStrange and myself will see you then.

One last note, and that is a word of thanks. There are a number of people who deserve credit, not just for EgoStrange, but for all of the things I have both done and were planning to do over the past 14 months. One person especially who deserves all of the thanks that I can possibly muster is Jackie Wilson, whose time at RAS has finished, and who is missed by all who were fortunate to work with her. Bye, Jack.

Other thanks must go to everyone who has helped, in either a huge or small way in the running of Ego Strange. I listed most of them in the last issue, but here I just want to say thanks again.

Well, you know, that might just do me. This should be the last Sunday that I give to RAS this year, and I just want to go home and sleep So farewell, have a good break, and come back safe and well in 1995 (unless you are the graduating type - piss off and enjoy the real world).

Yours with supreme regards,

Grant McDonald

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