images of camelot
issue 8 -oct 1994/feb 1995

Lliam Amor, Amanda Barton, Bobster, Helen Brydon, Jeff Cross, Ian Dreyer, David Hirsh, Karen Hocking, Brian Hurley, Grant McDonald, Andrew Muir, Glenn Oakes, Svea Pitman, Kurt Reiter, Liesal Reymers, Lucy Richardson, Heidi Ruhnan, Elliot Silver, Sophister, Kim Stone, Martin Storey, Jess Vidal, Gelnn Wadley, Jackie Wilson

Editorial Committee
Lliam Amor, Robert Ball, Felicity Boyd, Tabitha Davies, Grant McDonald, Lucy Richardson, James Scott, Kim Stone, Jackie Wilson

Proof Reader
Jackie Wilson

Page Design/Layout
Grant McDonald

Special Thanks
For everyone who has made this issue and the entire year possible

Front Cover
Lliam Amor

This issue is dedicated Jackie Wilson. Bye, Jack.

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