issue 7 - august 1994

I know that I wont have time to do this properly if I wait until the last issue, so I may as well do it now, while I still have the time. On this page you will find the people who I most need to thank for Ego Strange this year; the contributors and those who have offered support over the year. If there are any omissions, I am sorry.

The contributors in alphabetical order are:
Lliam Amor, Nick Aridas, Amanda Barton, Andrew Buntine, Bobster, Felicity Boyd, Rick Brown, Sam Brown, Eddie Costello, Jeff Cross, Tabitha Davies, Arabella Davison, Luke Day, Jonathan Delacy, Angyla Doubell, Ian Dreyer, Brett Edwards, Tim Ellem, Greg, Simon Green, Dave Hirsh, Brian Hurley, Jordan Lacey, Wayne Me Leonard, Quinn Lewis, Kamilla, Nancy Licastro, Andrew Muir, Trent O'Bryan, Glenn Oakes, Bill Pantazias, AnnaPeterson, Guru Pickett, Sheriden Pilkington, Cam Quinten, Kurt Reiter, Lucy Richardson, Natasha Saboisky, Vaughan Sanderson, James Scott, Rusdef Penny Sharpe, Elliot Silver, Jeremy Singh, Michelle Slivarich, Sophister, Kim Stone, Brook Sumner, Adam Turner, Meg Ullman, Jessica Vidal, Glenn Wadley, Debra Wain, Jason Williams, Jackie Wilson, Tali White.

If it wasn't for you all there is no way that Ego Strange could have had the year that it did. For that, I am eternally grateful. This does not cover all of my thanks, because there were people who may have not contributed, but must still be thanked for the role that they played in offering, amongst other things, moral support, both this year and late last year when the planning for 1994 happened.

This list would be too huge, and because I don't want to omit anyone; thanks to the 1993 SAB, the 1994 SAB, the Staff of RAS, practically everyone who sits on the steps of building C, those who are unlucky enough to bump into me when I am having a bad day, Festival records and Valhalla cinema, and my friends within and outside Rusden. Ego Strange would not have been able to happen if it were not for you all. Thanks heaps. Special mention to Arabella, Lliam and Tali for their work on the Book Of Fantasies and Rubber Tonic, because without those three, the "special projects' would have never, ever happened. Thank you.

That should just about cover allof it, except for this.

Thankyou for reading this, and the other issues of Ego Strange. It means more than you'll ever know to have the copies circulated. That's really about it, Yours in (eternal) gratitude,

Grant McDonald

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