issue 4 - june 1994

There are a million separate things that I wanted to say here before I began, and now that I've started... I've forgotten them all. Never mind, we'll just have to start again from the top. To some, an editorial is where important facts are presented, along with a stance on a particular issue. You only have to read an editorial to discover the editor's feelings, feelings that often aren't presented throughout the magazine or newspaper.

However, for me an editorial is not such a place, when I sit here to compose an editorial I don't think of what makes me angry, or what issue of the moment are affecting me personally. No, when I sit here, all I think is I want to go home, and sleep. However, I know from experience now that the night is still young (cliche alert), and there is much more to do. No, in this editorial I am just going to write about my childhood, and the events that made me what I am today. Nah, bugger that, I won't bore you all to death about those years, instead I will go on to something different.

Like Rusden.

To some, this place is a stopping point in their lives, nothing more, nothin less. For others, this place will have a profound influence on their remaining years. Rusden is a palce thriving with culture, or it has none. Rusden, thought to me is a place of interest, a second home, and a place that needs escaping from every couple of weeks. The identity is unique: if you look at Deakin University you will see that Deakin Geelong is named because it is in Geelong, Warrnambool is named after its location, Warrnambool, Toorak is in Toorak, Burwood is in Burwood and Rusden is... in Clayton.

Ah, Clayton, the land of the perpetual dark cloud (or so it sems). True, we are in the shadow of that Monash place, and sure most people think that we are nothing more than a car-park with a couple of empty buildings, but Rusden truly is a hive of activity and culture. Rusden is the home of many-a distinguished noble-person, it is the provebial jewel in the crown of Deakin.

I think I spend too much time here.

This is the fifth Ego Strange for the year. By the time this issue comes out, we will have equalled last year's record of 5 on one year, not bad considering it's only June. If you wish to contribute to the first Ego Strange of semester 2 (Issue 5), could you please hand your submissions into me by the 30th of June, which is the last day of semester.

Anyway, good luck with the assignments and exams, and see you again in semester two.

Yours here at Ego Strange,

Grant McDonald

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