the mannequin nightmare
issue 4 - june 1994

Lliam Amor, Nick Aridas, Amanda Barton, Andrew Buntine, Eddie Costello, Luke Day, Jonathan Delacy, Tim Ellem, Robert Falvey, Quinn Lewis, Nancy Licastro, Grant McDonald, Sheridan Pilkington, Penny Sharpe, Glenn Wadley, Jackie Wilson

Editorial Committee
Lliam Amor, Robert Ball, Felicity Boyd, Tabitha Davies, Jonathan Delacy, Grant McDonald, Lucy Richardson, Kim Stone, Jackie Wilson

Proof Reader
Jackie Wilson

Page Design/Layout
Grant McDonald

Special Thanks

Front Cover

This issue is dedicated to everyone who is feeling the pressure right now as semester one draws to a close.

Issue named by James Tenison-Woods, competition winner

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EgoStrange Issue 4 the mannequin nightmare
produced 1994
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