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The virtual home of Ashley McCoy - former Rusden student, visual octopus charter member and strong supporter of indevelopment. Site from Netherlands (or is that The Netherlands) with music, culture and more Sam Kieth Stefan from Peachfuzz is keeping it real with, named after his latest recording project. Still in it's development phase, I recommend supporting this page by checking back often. Andy Lewis is a graphic designer and electronic musician based in Melbourne and hailing from Perth. Great looking page. True multimedia artist. AnalogX makes great freeware. Mark has been interviewed twice by indevelopment More info on Sam Kieth Steve Gibson is an interesting chappie. He's been interviewed by indevelopment. Great shareware. Use it, buy it. Authour Michael Burford interviewed by indevelopment. Former media group from Rusden out in the big wide world The Springfield Map - legendary stuff Independant media resource centre, training centre and film and video making collective indevelopment web host Cinema resource. Interviewed by indevelopment. Steal this book - an internet reprinting My new web project
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