- now mozilla friendly!

Because the Mozilla Browser is about to mature to version 1.0 and beyond, indevelopment will now be using this browser as the primary testing and proving ground for indevelopment in the near future.

System Specs:

WindowsXP os
256 ram
Broadband connection

19.05.02 - 1.0 rc2

I've just found a killer feature that makes mozilla a must install. In the PC edition, if you right click an image, you will find the option to "block images from this server". Hey presto, web ads can be blocked easilly. If you also hunt in the preferences there is the option to supress pop-ups that are not activated by the user: a clumbsy way of saying it blocks popup ads. Is this the perfect web brower or what?

16.05.02 - 1.0 rc2

Mozilla has now been my browser of choice for just over three weeks. I did cave in and reinstall Outlook on my system but I am only using it for its calendar features.

The Mozilla email client, Composer, took a coupple of weeks to get used to. Unlike Outlook/Outlook Express, the default settings creates separate inboxes, sent items etc. per account, as well as a global set of folders (Local Folders).

Message filters work per account as well, and these allow easy automatic filing of messages.

Settings can be altered to file Sent Items for each account in the Local Folders Sent Items, a seting that did take me a couple of weeks to search out and enable.

The thing I really like about Composer is that it makes sharing the one email program easy between a couple of people, because all the messages are handled independently, yet can also be used by anyone with multiple email addresses (a more common thing than not).

For all I know, Composer is a dead spit for the Netscape version. I never used Netscape Mail. I also use Norton Antivirus 2002 on my system because although I'd like to support the Melbourne-made Vet, I like the email scanning features of Norton too much.



As of today, I have moved my default browser and email client to mozilla.

The mozilla browser has been around t seems for ever and is about to reach it's important milestone of a 1.0 version.

Currently, the version available for offer is 1.0 Release candidate 1.

For the past 12 months or so I've been interested on the project, but interest was recently piqued by an article at ZDNet news about the forthcoming milestone.

I decided that in the indevelopment-spirit of early adoption that now might be a time to give the browser a good workout and disassociate with internet explorer for awhile.

Mozilla is a project that was based around the original Netscape, with the aim of creating a browser that would be truly cross platform (meaning more than just PCs and Macs), that would be WC3 standards compliant and that could share features cross platform.

The Netscape 6.0 browser was spun-out of the Mozilla project, and although that was a truly shite browser, so far the problems that crippled the Netscape-branded version (frequent crashes, slow loading, random freezes, the necessity to install other 3rd party bloatware) have not surfaced in Mozilla.

I'll keep you posted on how it progresses, but from here on in, not only will my surfing be through Mozilla all of the indevelopment development and previewing will be too.


Author: Grant McDonald

090808 NW