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Elwood: The Little Room

"It had a room attached to the side of the house some time in its murky past. Unfortunately, it was an enclosed room, no external access, no internal access. Foresight pushed to the rear, they proceeded to build an inverse L shaped Barrier, 6 Ft high and running the length of one of the existing bedrooms.Then by cutting a hole 40cm wide and 180cm high in the bedroom wall from the Hall, viola, a homemade passage to the nether room. To add to the effect, by the time I moved in, some past resident had painted black and white vertical strips down the wall. This gave an illusion of a funfair castle. The upside to this was when home alone and late at night, one would be secure in this obscure nook. The downside, the bedroom that Michael was to occupy for years had 30% less area due the homemade hatchway."

A quote from the soon to be released "My Cool Life."

James Scott

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