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Inspired by a Big Issue Vendor

I had to go and pay the rent today. I jumped off the train at South Yarra station and standing at the entrance was a Big Issue vendor. I've been buying it for a few years, usually when I'm in the city. Now, I tend not to go in as much and I really don't have the disposable income that I used to, but I always make a point of buying the magazine.

One reason is that it goes down well on the train ride home. The second and main reason is that I believe in the idea. I think it's a great outlet for expression that's not in danger of being censored by the conglomerates. More importantly, I love the idea that the person who sells it to me is getting half of the cover price.

So, I'm in South Yarra, one of the wealth centres of Melbourne. It's a decent day, not too hot and no real chance of rain. I see this guy trying to do is best to improve his lot in life. He asks me if I want one. I tell him I'll grab it on the way back. Once the rent deed is done, I return and honour my agreement. Conversation goes a bit like this.

"I'll grab it now. Moving many today?"

"Nah. It's a slow day."

"Hope it picks up for you."

"Yeah mate, so do I."

I'm on Toorak Road, a place where undoubtedly people will be paying $5.00 for coffees, untold of sums in wanky hair salons for wanky hair styles and even more in so called trendy fashion stores. Yet there's this one guy, trying to sell the Big Issue and there are no takers.

I hate this aspect of modern life.

I don't ask much, I really don't. But if you do see a vendor and you do have three dollars, please buy. You can't take your money and your possessions with you when you die. Your haircut won't be seen by too many when your in a coffin. Five dollars is too much to pay for a coffee, even if it is on Toorak Road. Your three dollars could help make someone's week, or even someone's life.

Think about it.

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