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Now you CAN be taller instantly

I was quite taken when I saw this image. In fact, before this site came to be, the only thing that I knew I wanted there was an old comic book ad. This one above was taken from the same issue of the Fantastic Four that supplies the images scattered through the comic section. I know that it is somewhat wrong to use the Kirby artwork, but seeing how it's a tribute to the art and not a blatant way of making money, I hope the folks at Marvel Comics don't mind.

send no moeyThe zine is a tribute to the things that have inspired me over the past 26.5 years. Much of the actual writing of the articles I hope to delegate elsewhere to the talented bunch of people that let me call them my friends. Eventually, once the site goes live and has it's own domain, there will be a fairly open submission process. I'm hoping that people do, because I do want to provide a free, cheap and easy read that may hit close to the bone at times, while also being a refreshingly brisk blatant rip-off of everything the internet medium has to offer.

It's called in:development because that is exactly what it needs to be. I don't think that something like this project can ever truly be considered finished, especially when I know so many people that want to tell the world such varied things. The main thing needed is motivation.

I was going insane with the absence of a side project. Experimenting at work, I started with a banner and scanned this graphic. In the past week, the site has gone through a number of changes and I dare say won't really settle down for a number of months.

The main thing I need is for people to contribute. Often times, all it need be are ideas. This isn't to discourage anyone who wants to produce a fully HTMLed article, or anyone that knocks up some words in notepad or simple text.

The premise of in:development is simple. Find what appeals to you and hopefully, it will find an audience.

Keep coming back. There will be a number of changes made over the next coming weeks. Please tell me what you like, hate and are mildly indifferent to.



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