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An interview with Critter of Serials 2000

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The product is simply titled Serials 2000 v7. It's the latest version of the popular database of serial numbers. Serials 2000 is billed as a great place to add your serial numbers and to make life easier for you and me, the kind folks have already populated it with serial numbers and CD-Keys and even update it through regular emails. What a service!

Obviously, there'd be a few people in the internet community that wouldn't approve of such a program, software houses and anti-piracy groups just to name a few examples.

Serials 2000 is not the only place you can get this kind of information. In the seedier quarters of the internet, serial numbers, hacks and patches are as abundant as Brittany Spears tracks on Napster.

The reaction to serial numbers is an issue that I'm planning on delivering in the near future, however what better place to start the exploration than with Critter, the voice of Serials 2000. Critter writes the columns that are included in the regular update email and through this, it felt like the logical place to start.

I must also add too that during the course of this interview, we had Christmas, New Year and the release of the 2001 edition, Version 7. Critter, although busy, still found time to share some thoughts.

Hey Critter, thanks for doing this.
No problem mate. Sorry for taking so long to reply.

Who or what are Serials 2000?
What is Serials 2000??
Ah, this one is easy!! Serials 2000 is everyone!! A bit cliché I know, but truth be told it is. We get our serials from the groups and individuals, all we do is pull them together in a nice little package.

Who is Serials 2000??
Serials 2000 is a group of friends.......doing what they enjoy!

How'd you get your start on the net?
The net in general or "The Scene"?

How'd you get involved in "The Scene"?
I used to visit Serials '99 website (discussion board, etc) quite a lot. I saw a notice from ThndrKiss asking for somebody with ASP, CSS (and other web experience)... I shot off an email, started doing some small things......then just got more and more into it. At the same time I had started a crack collecting site of my own, listing daily releases, etc....been addicted ever since :)

I'd like to ask what it's like being the voice of Serials 2000?
Not sure if I would call myself "the voice" of Serials 2000, but I definitely have a good time! I've met tons of people and made several good friends because of S2k. I get a lot of emails.....most of them requests for cracks or serials, but a lot of them are thank-yous, etc. It has definitely been in interesting experience, to say the least!

How many contributors worked on the concept and structure of Serials 2000?
Well, Serials 2000 is ThndrKiss' baby. He came up with the idea several years ago. If memory serves me correctly, I believe his first release was "Serial Number Heaven", then Serials '98, '99, and now! (My memory is not as good as it used to be so, I could be off a bit). Anyway, TK and I collect serials from the 0-day releases, and we have several people that regularly submit new serials to us.

We have developed an internal application, that makes our lives a bit easier and also allows other groups to submit their serials directly to our database. Portal is our coder, and I'd like to say he has done an outstanding job with the new version, he has been able to incorporate most of our users suggestions. And last are our updates. Twice a month we send out updates (patches), that add and or update the serials in the db. We keep a "subscriber list" for sending them out. And we have several sites that offer our downloads, as we do not for legal reasons.

When working on a release, are you a team or autonomous units?
Well this is the great part!! ThndrKiss and I developed a web application that handles just about everything for us !!! Except of course the actual data entry. I collect most of the 0-day serials, and TK handles all the serials submitted by groups and individuals.

Have you had any pressure from the corporate for doing any of this?
Our old website was shut down by the FBI ('bout a 1 1/2 years ago), and we get the normal amount of hassles that other groups get.

I spoke to Getright creator, Michael Burford and asked if he got annoyed by people who used services such as Serials 2000. His answer was that some people would never buy software, no matter what. I was wondering what other reactions you have had from software developers?

About a year and a half ago our website was shut down by the FBI when we were hosting copies of the program for download. Other than that....only a couple letters of termination from ISPs that have received complaints from people.

One thing I'd like to mention (not sure if I did in an earlier answer or not). I get a lot of emails regarding the morality of S2k. Here's my $.02:

What Michael Burford (Getright) stated was true. There are some people out there that will never buy software. But there are those out there that do use S2k to extend their evaluation periods before they buy the product. I believe that it all comes full circle. Lets say I use a cracked/regged version of Dreamweaver at home. The company I work for decides to expand to the web and is in need of someone to handle that task, well I, with my (now) excellent knowledge of Dreamweaver can suggest that as a product, because I am already familiar with it and can then (hopefully) assume that new position with a possibility for higher pay. So there is at least one copy of Dreamweaver that I have talked my company into buying, and quite possibly more as time progresses. I believe that a lot of (smaller) programs get a boost from cracked/regged versions. I think the morality of it all comes down to the end user. If you do not agree with what we do, then you don't use it.....simple as that.
I send out updates to over 10,300 people twice a month. To me that's a pretty big audience, and that gives me the opportunity to spread my thoughts, experiences....etc to a lot of people. Just before Xmas I asked those on the list that feel they have been helped by S2k (in one form or another) to give to those in need. The response I received was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Like I all goes full circle.

Sorry for the rant....and the ramble :)

What's your day job?
I develop web applications (ASP, CF, PHP, etc.....and no I don't use Dreamweaver :) )

What's the point of Serials 2000. Is it a lark, a political statement or filling a need in the internet community?
I'm not sure if I would categorize it under any of the above. Serials 2000 is our contribution to "The Scene". We don't make any of the serials but merely collect them and bring them together in a nice easy to use package, with bi-weekly updates. ( Or is that bi-monthly?....hell I don't know, every two weeks!!)
I guess you could say it fills a need of sorts.

Thanks for the opportunity

Best Regards,

Critter - Serials 2000

To find out more about this group the first place to check is their own headquarters, . To find the product,
I'd recommend a general search.

I thank Critter for his time and for his viewpoints.

2002 update: I've found an updated Serials 2000 here. Bear in mind that it is a cracks archive so it may not always work, but they do have 2002 updates for Serials 2000 - Helpful Grant Removed 150808 Fascist Grant

Article author: Grant McDonald