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If he could be bothered enough (and one day he will) Jerem will become a respected member of the new music culture. You know, the one that revolves around computer equipment, subsequently bringing freedom and liberation to artists that don't want to play the game.

I asked Jerem a couple of questions about his music, where he fits into the larger picture and the eternal debate of who's cooler: Olli or Lemmy.

His latest CD, Gone Fission, can be ordered through Jerem directly: music@indevelopment.org AUD$15 plus post.

What were your beginnings in computer generated sounds?
When I first got my mac back in '96 I instantly started playing around with sound stuff, thanks to the help of friend and New Error co-producer Joe Bird(he alredy had hardware). Then, when Re-Birth came out, we instantly bought it and with the help of the Vibra software synth, things were happening.

What hardware were you doing your development on?
PowerComputing PowerBase200. Mackie1202vlz mixer. Yamaha FX100. Roland D110. tto tell you the truth, only the mac and half the mixer were mine.

What are you using now?
Apple B+W G3/300. AudioMedia3 Audio card. Roland VS840EX Hard disk recorder. RolandEd UM-4 MIDI interface.Software(ProTools 5,Re-Birth2.5,Tokyo(Vibra9000)2.5, SonicWorx Artist, BIAS Peak and others.)

I hate breaking things down into categorise, but if there were a couple of words the describe your sound, what would they be?
Well, I listen to a lot of psy-trance but also go to a lot af acid-techno parties. Maybe psychedelic acid? sounds silly,pointless actually(you'd hope the acid was psychedelic!)

How was Gone Fission constructed?
Lots of playing with the (virtual) knobs on the vibra synth. Getting a line or a sound that worked with the rhythm (usually a bassline) and put it into protools. then i start adding other sounds such as leadline, extraneous sounds and other "kookie" stuff. Then though comes the grind, where you make sure it sounds right, then add compression and effects. ProTools is the easiest program to use. I've tried the others and it is faster, clearer, more enjoyable and better quality than any. (sounds like an ad. Send it to Digidesign and get me a cheque)

Working on the follow-up?
sure am. Have already got two more tracks completed, and getting towards the third. I am excited about these tracks. They seem to have a little "more" than those on Gone Fission.

You're building an MP3 player for the mac. Why so?
Oh, well MacAddict had a how to for the basic player. I did it and decided that this wasn't very hard. After another few months I had made my player more expansive, it supported playlists and played AIFF, SDII and WAV files as well. It also had a few extras.

What influences you?
Psy-Harmonics. This record label has alone put this country on the international underground map.

Because they are different, committed, and fucking excellent.

Is the internet in its infancy or going through the teenage years?
That's rather relative, but I would say infancy, once proper high-speed access is available to everyone with a computer(or other internet appliance) then we are really able to go nowhere.

What was the last book you didn't finish and why?
Can't remember. If I pick up a book, I will usually finish it.

Finally, who's cooler: Lemmy or Ollie?
Ollie. He came from pure pop dag (days with Michael Hutchence), who still had cool music(listen to MAxQ without the lyrics) to a GURU of music and the electronic scene. Lemmy is cool though.

I'd love an edited down MP3 of one of the tracks too!

We'll have a track from Gone Fission soon, but in the meantime you can have a listen to these for some idea of what Jerem's all about.

Fluster (edit)
Gnubass (edit)
Flurb (edit)

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