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Regarding internet wankers

Hi Grant,

Please tell Anon that I liked the article very much. I think it makes some very salient points, and that worthless wankers must be exposed for what they are.

The Interent is just like any other media or retail industry. E-commerce is really just the next generation of mail order - a tired and unpopular form of commerce from the early 20th century. In itself, it's neither good nor bad (and really not that exciting). It's only good if it can benefit people through price or convenience.

I do think there is some hope for the industry. I don't believe in Karma, or that the good guys always win. In many cases, the bad guys have already won so much that a Karmic correction is well outside the bounds of probability.

People are excited and easily fooled now, but that won't last for ever. Companies that don't have a solid basis and don't offer any value will fail, and that will make it hard for new pretenders to start up. But the few that do have efficient and worthwhile business applications for the medium will find that they are in a position to capitalise on the new electronic infrastructure that within about 20 years will fully replace what we call the Internet.

The silicon ball never lies...

Kieran Curtain,
Melbourne, Australia

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