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Issue 4.02 - indevelopment sells out

Even three or four days ago I wouldn't have thought I was in the position I feel I'm in now: having to justify advertising on the site.

You may have noticed the bizland pop up that occurs whenever the page is loaded. That's a simple necessity of life. Until I can get space without an add that allows me to store large files, I really have to go with that annoying pop up. So to mask it in a way, I made my own pop up. If this really annoying then let me know and I'll take that down.

I've added a banner to the music section because, quite frankly, I need to start getting some promotion out of this. I get a 2:1 ratio, meaning every two times the music section loads somewhere in the dense of cyberspace one of my ads will appear. I'm sure I wont get too many click-throughs because I mean, who actually clicks banners but I mat get one or two.

Had an ego-buzz the other day being contacted about a link that didn't work. This was an old link posted to my Sam Kieth interview and I happily fixed it. It makes all the work worthwhile to get feedback of some sort.

I know that over the course of indevelopment.org I will not make a cent from the site. I'm quite happy with this. I have not got product to sell, but to promote. It's a matter of starting small but one must start somewhere.

Twisting the arm of Jerem for some more material will pay dividends, there's now stuff ready for video and at the end of it all, I'm learning new skills and finding new ways to express myself.

The other event that should happen in January is getting permission to republish egostrange, my old uni magazine. I'm negotiating with the copyright holders for the electronic reprint rights. Again, this is not an exercise in commerce but a desire to see old work by my friends, former peers and myself back into print.

So my 2001 web agenda has begun.

Keep coming back because one thing you can be sure of, indevelopment will constantly be in-development.



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