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Issue 4.01 - Dreadlock Holiday

I don't like cricket, I love it.

That said, you'd be surprised to hear that I've watched a total of 4 overs so far this summer and even more suprised to find that was during a domestic one day match.

The Australian cricket team has gotten to the point where it's embarrassing to watch: Steve Waugh and his team of indefeatables are producing great results however the appeal has gone. There is no point setting yourself up to watch a test match against pathetic opposition.

It's almost as if the other teams have forgotten how to win against Australia and that is so wrong. It's not even a matter that another team can even play for a draw because that's as pointless as playing to save honour. The only way to make cricket interesting this season is if the West Indies decide to go out and win this next test match.

Anyone that doesn't understand cricket sees the game as dull and uneventful. To the trained cricket eye (or ear in my case, I can't stand the television commentary) cricket is a game of strategy, of patience and precision. At the moment, cricket is so appallingly not entertaining. There is no patience in a three day test match, no precision shown by opposition batsmen and the only strategy is being shown by the Australian team.

This was entertaining when Allan Border was captain because he restored faith in a side that was distressed by the Hughes years and the end of the Chappel dynasty. Its not now, not when Steve Waugh only has to fart and the tourists are suddenly 8/80.

For me it has reached the point where the only interest left is in the upcoming Ashes tour and the hope that England has finally gotten it's shit together and produced a team that should hit the field. Don't get me wrong, I don't support the English cricket team: what I do support is competition.

Australia needs a walloping, even if only to restore the interest in the game.

Here's hoping the fifth test, starting in Sydney today delivers one.


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