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Issue 4 - Binary Day

It's quite the historical event: 01/01/01. Never before in our lives have we had a date like this, so to celebrate, indevelopment has taken a new look.

I started working on an 01 motif on Boxing Day and although I look at it now and all I see are a bunch of 10s, I must admit that I am happy with the new look.

indevelopment.org is starting the third millennium with more than just a new look, it also has a new focus as well. No longer will it just be the ezine here, I'm also going to use the space to promote the work of friends and to promote a new project that I'm involved with, the short video "They came from where?"

The egostrange section contains a refreshing of the work I did whilst I was at uni. For a couple of years I edited the campus magazine, egostrange so I thought that I should add this to the mix. I'm still waiting for approval for the project so that's why it's not as complete as it could be.

As for new content, let me just say that there are a couple of fresh interviews on their way, as well as a new rant or two. The index page is my next area to work on and that should make the sections and articles easier to find as well.

I hope that you enjoy the new look and, yes, it is fairly Flash intensive but I think the results are worth it (I say that because I don't have to dial up to look at it).

Feedback on the new look would be most appreciated.



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