issue 13 july 1995

Occasionally inspiration strikes. Well, to be honest it does strike quite a bit, but it is rare that inspiration comes exactly when I need it. Anyway, enough beating around the bush and onto the story at hand...

It sounded like a good idea (and I will do a couple more), but what you hold in your hands is my first "Flip" book. I've always wanted to do something like this, but it has taken some time to work out all of the factors involved. It may not have work 100%, but we'll see. As for doing another flip book, again we will have to see what the reaction to this is.

June and July are bad times to approach people to write things for EgoStrange, and I would have had a very small edition had we not done "The Book Of The Dead". If the reaction to this is positive, we may have to do another at the end of the year, because I know I've really enjoyed this project. As for the gold and silver cover, I just wanted to try metallic inks!

The rest of the year should go smoothly now. We've fixed up the troubles we were having (fingers crossed) and are all set to deliver the final three issues of EgoStrange.

Well, welcome back,

Grant McDonald

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