issue 3 - may 1994

Sometimes, everything clicks. You know how you have those times where everything seems to be going right, and it's too good to be true. Well, you know what always follows this peak? A week (or longer) where nothing seems to go right. That's where it's at right now.

So anyway, here I am, having yet another late night. Oh well, it comes with the job, I'll just be relieved, and then wait until the next issue comes around and do it all again.

One thing I would like to say here is thankyou to everyone who has contributed to "Ego Strange" thus far. We are only in our infancy, but we are growing, strong.

Anyway, enough of those ramblings, and on to a rambling of something completely different. VSU. I have so far in my editorials avoided big topics, however now I think that it is time to start doing so. I am not going to here, but I have set aside an issue that will deal, in some way with the subject. Issue 5 is going to be called "Freedom Of Speech, Of Association, Of Expression. The do's and don'ts of the here and now." Issue 5 is not the next issue, but I am announcing it here, because the themes I hope we will deal with are not trivial. Please think about VSU, Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech. The deadline for this issue is the 30th of June, and it will be back for second semester.

As for the next issue, it's time I heard the people of Rusden speak about what they want the magazine to be called. Therefore, I am running a competition. "Give Issue 4 a name." If your name is selected, you will have the honour of being able to say "Hey, I named that", and you will also get a prize (which is yet to be decided). Competition deadline is the 24th of May, coincidentally, the same day that submissions for Ego Strange close.

That's it,

Grant McDonald

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