issue 2 - april 1994

Well, it's issue two (our third for 1994) and we are one third through Ego Strange for 1994. Now I know it is a bit early to be looking back on the year (I'll save that for Issue 8), but it is interesting to note what we all have achieved.

If you have been reading these editorials, you will probably know that I don't really say much on one subject, and I chop and change quite a bit. Again, this will be one of those editorials. Why call an issue "All Men Are Bastards (?)"?. Well apart from saying why not, I can only add that it is something that I wanted to do; wanted to explore and find out other peoples feeling on the subject. I never wanted to offend anyone, and if I did, please it was never my intention.

What I wanted to do was discuss this cliche, and I think that we have achieved that. Something you may have noticed is that each issue has a subtitle (like this issue with A.M.A.B.). If you would like to contribute, please do not feel confined to the subject, the subject really is only the sub-title for the issue. Having said that, the next two issues have been named (well all 9 have been but I do not want to spoil all of the fun).

Issue 3 is to be called "The Great Rock N Roll" Issue, and issue 4, well you will have to check out "Rubber Tonic" to find out what that is about (just a small plug for the Rusden comic book). On the subject of Rubber Tonic - please check it out and enjoy its pages. There was much put into it and I think when you all see it you will agree that it is spectacular. If you want to thank someone, thank Lliam and Tali, they are the people behind it. Well thanks again, be seeing you in about three or four weeks.

Grant McDonald

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