issue 0 - february 1994

Well, it's 1994. A new year for everyone at Rusden, some for the first time, some who have been here for what seems like an eternity. The first thing that I would like to say is welcome back. The second, well, that will take a little bit more time.

What you are reading here is the new magazine for Rusden. Some of you will remember "Allsortz", the previous magazine. Some of you may also be wondering why the magazine in your hands is not called Allsortz, and why the hell call it `Ego Strange' ?

It was decided last year, for various reasons, that Allsortz would no longer be continued. I am not going to spend this time justifying the decision, what I am going to do is ask you, dear reader, to express your opinions on "Ego Strange". If you like it, well there are going to be another eight issues coming your way before the end of 1994. If you hate it, please do not hesitate and tell me, so it can be better.

There are many ways that you can become involved in `Ego Strange'. The first is to submit stories, photos, poetry etc, which will then be published. The second is to be involved with the editorial committee. Come into the R.A.S. office and ask. The third is to offer suggestions.

If all goes to plan, which it should, 1994 will be the biggest year for R.A.S. publications, and I hope that you will also think the same.

Before I go, I would like to share some of my hopes for 1994.

1 World Peace
2 Melbourne wins the AFL Premiership
3 The Piano scoops the pool at the Academy Awards
4 Darker Image #2
5 The Wedding Present tour Australia
6 8 more issues of `Ego Strange'
7 Allan Border doesn't retire
8 V.S.U. turns out to be just a pipe-dream
9 Elvis's "94 Comeback Special"
10 Everyone gets their student cards.

That's about it, so enjoy.

Grant A. McDonald
Publications and Publicity Officer 1994.

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